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BENCHMARK - Liberty Village

two benches

Skyline Benchmark Project 2006-2007

The Liberty Village Business Improvement Area (LVBIA) invited professional artists living in Toronto to submit a proposal for the creative transformation of park benches into permanent works of public art to be installed in Liberty Village. Through the LVBIA BENCHmark program, public art will be taken to the streets once again, creating our final signature benches and creative spaces that will enhance one of Canada's most dynamic communities - Liberty Village.

Project Background:
A program of the Liberty Village Business Improvement Area (LVBIA), BENCHmark engages artists and local businesses to transform orphaned and neglected park benches into permanent works of public art to be enjoyed by the community. In 2005, the Liberty Village BIA partnered with the City of Toronto to establish this unique neighbourhood-specific public bench art program. Two artists were chosen to create three inaugural public art benches, and since 2005, 18 additional benches have been completed and are located throughout Liberty Village.

To date, BENCHmark has attracted the support of sponsors and partners who include; Liberty Village BIA, Toronto Economic Development, Toronto Parks, Forestry and Recreation, Toronto Carpet Factory, Allied Properties, CanAlpha Liberty Towers, Liberty Market Building, Toy Factory Lofts/Lanterra Developments Ltd., First Capital Realty, Toronto Parking Authority and Soft Choice Corporation.

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Liberty Village map of bench locations


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