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Toronto 21st Century
  The Persistence of Vision
biology of vision
to strategies for seeing


Toronto 21st Century
  Ocular Spectrum
The iconic image

Evil Ducky   Evil Ducky and The Fountain Of Doom
Like the Energizer Bunny,
Evil Ducky keeps on going and going.

the socialhistory
  The Birth of Post Modernism
Spam email on a stage of small toys.

imaginary friend   Your imaginary friend
Post modernism as a personal narrative.
How many people had an imaginary friend
as a child? How many have one now?
2005 - 2011

Evil Ducky   No Bad Art
The artist takes a stand against bad art


painted hand   Identity
And the hidden self

Queen Street Fashion   Queen Street Fashions
Local look 2013

Sistine Chapel   Sistine Chapel
in a washing machine, 2008

Exhibition and performance documentation for other artists

Exhibition [documentation]

Darcia Labrosse at Gallery 1313   Darcia Labrosse
Metal Language
Gallery 1313

Performance [documentation]

Bruce Barber performance   Bruce Barber, Didley Squat
Perfomance at the Cameron 2002

Rebecca Bellmore   Rebecca Belmore
FADO Residency Project
March 10-16, 2003 - Tongue River (performance)
Ontario College of Art and Design

Anatoli Vlassov   Anatoli Vlassov
A covid-19 Project, 2020
Ind collaborations with artists in photography, painting, and music.

Artifacts   Artifacts, Provoking Collaboartion
February 10, 2014
Heart House, University of Toronto, Toronto, ON

WIA projects   WIA projects /Margaret Dragu
WIA projects / Christine Brault
WIA projects / Artifacts
February 8, 10, 2014
Heart House, University of Toronto, Toronto, ON

WIA projects   WIA projects /Helene Vosters
WIA projects / Berenici Hershorn
WIA projects / Artifacts
Nov. 9 - 11, 2013
Hart House, University of Toronto, Toronto, ON

Pam Patterson, Leena Raudvee   Pam Patterson
Red Square
March 25, 2013
OCADU, Toronto, ON

Pam Patterson, Leena Raudvee   Pam Patterson, Leena Raudvee
December 13 - 16, 2012
Gallery 1313, 1313 Queen st. w. Toronto, ON

Pam Patterson, Leena Raudvee   Pam Patterson, Leena Raudvee
Individual points of fiction
June 8, 2012,
A Space Gallery, 401 Richmond st., Toronto, ON

Paul Couillard performance   Sitting With The Mountain
30 day performance by Paul Couillard, 2007

With more than 6000 images,
currently the largest performance documentary online.

Paul Couillard performance   Doug and Claudia / 3h near the lake
Perfomance improvisation 2007

Performance photography for FADO and the CCCA archive

Adina Bar-On:

May 10, 2002

Rebecca Belmore / Bentley Spang:
A Way Of Making

March 10-16, 2003

Sylvette Babin, Constanza Camelo, Sylvie Cotton, Jocelyn Robert
Pas de traduction
July 12, 2003

Armand Vaillancourt:
Pas de traduction

July 12, 2003

Clara Ursitti:
Pull Up To The Bumper

September 18-21 2003

Millie Chen &Evelyn Von Michalofsky:
Seven Scents

September 18-21 2003

Shawna Dempsey &Lorri Millan:
Scent Bar

September 18-21 2003

Helen Paris &Leslie Hill (with Lois Weaver):
On The Scent

Sept. 18-21, 2003

Adam Budd, Felipe Diaz, Blair Fornwald,
Tanis Keiner, Tammy McGrath,
Anna Scott:
Home Repair

February 21, 2004

Louise Liliefeldt, Richard Martel:

February 20, 2004

Tanya Mars:
Tyranny of Bliss
[Toronto, Ontario]

12 June 2004

Tanya Mars:
Tyranny of Bliss
[Hamilton, Ontario]

19 June 2004

Naufus Ramirez-Figueroa:
The Sun is Crooked in the Sky;
My Father is Thrown over my Shoulders

June 29 - July 3, 2005

Cindy Baker :
Fashion Plate 2005, summer collection

August 4, 2005

Lisa Newman, Llewyn Mair :

July 15, 2006

Irene Loughlin :
Liquid Skyline

July 20, 2006

David Khang :

March 17, 2007

Elvira Santamaria :
Everyday life words in progress

March 16 - 24, 2007

Pam Patterson:
Cellu(h)er Resistance: The Body with/out organs?

Feb 27th to March 2, 2008

Seiji Shimoda :
On the Table

March 22, 2008

Nezaket Ekici 1:
Symbol in the Snow

March 28, 2008

Nezaket Ekici 2:

March 30, 2008

Nezaket Ekici 3:
Ward Island

March 30, 2008

Arti Grabowski and Dariusz Fodczuk :
Polish Power Players/Tiny Therapeutic Theatre

February 20, 2009