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Over the years I discovered four kinds of language; the verbal language of writing, then the body language of dance, the acoustic language of music, and the visual language of images. That said, the long awaited ‘death of painting’ is an unrealistic expectation. Science confirms that painting cannot die anymore than literature; both offer different kinds of notation in use since the dawn of history. I started painting when in my teens, worked for two decades in photography, I started writing on art seven years ago, now I’m blending painting and writing. 

It’s linguistics! How words and images affect each other, change the meaning in situ.  This body of work stated with a love of beauty.  Physicist Paul Dirac said that when he saw beauty in his equations he knew he was on the right path to progress.  It made sense to ask if the science of beauty also applied to visual art. Postmodern practice, on the other hand, brought an intellectual layer to art. These paintings shake hands with ideas, playing with how we read words and pictures.  The series started in August 2022 and is ongoing.

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