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Back To School Exhibition Special!
Ontario College of Art and Design

street intervention

At the Art Gallery of Ontario

Friday September 7, 2007, a No Bad Art exhibition special - on McCaul street in front of OCAD -
welcomed students back to the real world for the first week of school.
Encouraging students to make no bad art right from the start is a step in the right direction.

Art Statement

No Bad Art, an underground street intervention, was first performed while associate director
at the Collective Unconscious performance space in New York, 1995.
The performance consisted of my taking a position against bad art, and publishing this view
through 7 different posters in the streets of Soho and the walls of the Whitney Museum.

Nuit Blanche, September 29, 2007. Street Intervention
No Bad Art, Street Intervention, July 2007
No Bad Art, Poster Archive 1995-2007

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