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Nuit Blanche No Bad Art 2008 started in the lobby of 401 Richmond [part of Art in the Fall ] and continued as street interventions in all three zones. People on the street would approach us, read the posters and laugh. I'd explain to them as a professional artist I decided to take a stand against bad art... It seemed a logical step. They'd ask for posters to take home and would walk away in a good mood. It became more and more evident how cheeky to mention bad art on such a special night as Nuit Blanche. Life's like that.

We are reminded to view the images below as visual art. The poster interacted with the environment; this created a new meaning with each context of other pieces in Nuit Blanche. The work evoked one set of questions near Yoko Ono's "Imagine Peace" that changed again near Matt Suib's " Purified by Fire".

Derrida's concept of deconstruction was to examine a system, past the irony and ambiguity, to the layer that "genuinely threatens to collapse that system". Mind you, Oscar Wilde wrote; "There is always something peculiarly impotent about the violence of a literary man. It seems to bear no reference to facts, for it is never kept in check by action. It is simply a question of adjectives and rhetoric, of exaggeration and over-emphasis." My work transforms any suggestions of hostility into an amicably routine yet provocative notion of testing the system for faulty parts.

Production team; Bill Kirby, Dean Goodwin, Sheetal Sehgal, Elodie Sarraute, Sam Musnier, Marlee Kargill.

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