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from the series "Accept no substitute"

Legrady Art Statement
it's time for an upgrade.

Nobel physicist Paul Dirac said that when he sees beauty in his equations,
he knows he's on a sure path of progress but if the beauty is lacking
the math is likely wrong.

Other physicists and mathematicians agree.
I'm curious if the science behind beauty
also applies to visual art.

In visual art just as in music we become aware of conversations within conversations; we experience patterns, sequences, bridges, opposition and harmonies, we feel melodic, periodic, or melancholic as the work moves us. Music is a language, an acoustic language, just as visual language describes things whose subtlety is lost when explained in words. Since the intellect is but one mode, that of verbal language, art touches another level when it includes that which cannot be explained.

news photo of Muslims in Pakinstan burning a Ronald McDonald effigy
goodbye to the status quo

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