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The Wonderful
Heartfelt Wedding
of Irfan Aziz
Helen Anderson

at the Old Mill Inn,
April 15, 2018

Secular officiant - Helen Sweet
Catholic ceremony - Archbishop Stuart Watson
Islamic ceremony - Imam Abdur Rashid Taylor

Violinist - Emily Sun
Flautist - Anwar Khurshid

videography: Thomas Legrady
video editing: Miklos Legrady

a thumbnail of the wedding invitations

IMG_1734 IMG_1746 IMG_1756  
IMG_1759 IMG_1760 IMG_1761 IMG_1768
IMG_1775 IMG_1786 IMG_1790 IMG_1793
IMG_1797 IMG_1799 IMG_1803 IMG_1805

IMG_1865 IMG_1873 IMG_1876
IMG_1881 IMG_1883_IMG_1886 IMG_1904 IMG_1906_IMG_1910
IMG_1921 IMG_1922 IMG_1938 IMG_1940
IMG_1942 IMG_1950_IMG_1955 IMG_1957 IMG_1958
IMG_1959 IMG_1960 IMG_1962 IMG_1964
IMG_1965 IMG_1969 IMG_1973 IMG_1974
IMG_1979 IMG_1980_IMG_1982 IMG_1985 IMG_1993
IMG_1994_IMG_2003 IMG_2006 IMG_2007 IMG_2009
IMG_2011 IMG_2023 IMG_2027 IMG_2031
IMG_2035 IMG_2038 IMG_2040 IMG_2041
IMG_2042 IMG_2045 IMG_2047 IMG_2050
IMG_2051 IMG_2053 IMG_2056 IMG_2058
IMG_2060 IMG_2063 IMG_2064 IMG_2066
IMG_2067 IMG_2072 IMG_2073 IMG_2074
IMG_2078 IMG_2082 IMG_2083 IMG_2085
IMG_2086 IMG_2088 IMG_2090 IMG_2093
IMG_2094 IMG_2097 IMG_2100 IMG_2101
IMG_2103_IMG_2016 IMG_2109 IMG_2111 IMG_2112
IMG_2113 IMG_2114 IMG_2115 IMG_2116
IMG_2117 IMG_2118 IMG_2119 IMG_2120
IMG_2122 IMG_2124 IMG_2127 IMG_2128
IMG_2130 IMG_2131 IMG_2135 IMG_2136
IMG_2137 IMG_2138 IMG_2142 IMG_2148
IMG_2150 IMG_2158 IMG_2161 IMG_2164
IMG_2166 IMG_2171 IMG_2172 IMG_2175
IMG_2177 IMG_2178 IMG_2183 IMG_2185
IMG_2186 IMG_2187 IMG_2188 IMG_2189
IMG_2192 IMG_2194 IMG_2205 IMG_2207
IMG_2209 IMG_2210 IMG_2216 IMG_2220
IMG_2221 IMG_2224 IMG_2225 IMG_2226
IMG_2228 IMG_2231 IMG_2236 IMG_2238
IMG_2240 IMG_2242 IMG_2245 IMG_2246
IMG_2247 IMG_2248 IMG_2250 IMG_2252
IMG_2253 IMG_2255 IMG_2256 IMG_2257
IMG_2259 IMG_2261 IMG_2262 IMG_2263
IMG_2267 IMG_2268 IMG_2269 IMG_2270
IMG_2278 IMG_2279 IMG_2280 IMG_2284
IMG_2285 IMG_2286 IMG_2289 IMG_2290
IMG_2292_IMG_2298 IMG_2299 IMG_2300 IMG_2302
IMG_2303_IMG_2311 IMG_2316 IMG_2319 IMG_2321
IMG_2322 IMG_2334 IMG_2338_IMG_2345 IMG_2346_IMG_2353
IMG_2358 IMG_2361 IMG_2365_IMG_2380 IMG_2385
IMG_2386 IMG_2389 IMG_2406 IMG_2407
IMG_2408 IMG_2409 IMG_2410 IMG_2428
IMG_2429 IMG_2430 IMG_2431 IMG_2433
IMG_2434 IMG_2441 IMG_2444 IMG_2447
IMG_2449 IMG_2450 IMG_2451_IMG_2461 IMG_2463
IMG_2479 IMG_2486 IMG_2492 IMG_2500
IMG_2503 IMG_2516 IMG_2518 IMG_2522
IMG_2523 IMG_2524 IMG_2544 IMG_2563
IMG_2564 IMG_2565 IMG_2566 IMG_2567
IMG_2568 IMG_2573 IMG_2575 IMG_2576
IMG_2577 IMG_2578 IMG_2582 IMG_2583
IMG_2584 IMG_2586 IMG_2590 IMG_2591
IMG_2592 IMG_2605 IMG_2610 IMG_2613_IMG_2620
IMG_2625 IMG_2626 IMG_2629 IMG_2633
IMG_2634 IMG_2637 IMG_2638 IMG_2639
IMG_2641 IMG_2644 IMG_2645 IMG_2648
IMG_2653 IMG_2658 IMG_2660 IMG_2661
IMG_2664 IMG_2665 IMG_2666 IMG_2668
IMG_2671 IMG_2673 IMG_2674 IMG_2676
IMG_2679 IMG_2683 IMG_2684 IMG_2688
IMG_2691 IMG_2698 IMG_2699 IMG_2702
IMG_2704 IMG_2705 IMG_2707 IMG_2712
IMG_2714 IMG_2718 IMG_2719 IMG_2723
IMG_2726 IMG_2728 IMG_2732 IMG_2733
IMG_2739 IMG_2741 IMG_2745 IMG_2747
IMG_2749 IMG_2750 IMG_2752 IMG_2754
IMG_2756 IMG_2757 IMG_2758 IMG_2759
a photo of the invitation cards

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